new EventHandlerExecutionMetadata()

Manages metadata during event handler execution.

new EventHandlerExecutionMetadata~Proxy()

Metadata proxy for plugins which makes setting and getting properties more convenient.

new haxball-room-trapper.TrappedRoom()

Implements a proxy that forwards access to room properties to the external:haxball-room-trapper.TrappedRoomManager.

new haxball-room-trapper.TrappedRoomManager()

Default implementation of a TrappedRoomManager.

new FunctionReflector()

Wrapper class around the js-function-reflector library.

new PluginLoader()

PluginLoader class, responsible for loading plugins via repositories or via code.

new PluginManager()

PluginManager class, core of the HHM system.

new TrappedRoomManager()

Manages access to the trapped rooms, storing handlers and properties for each plugin.